How to connect to mysql remotely

I have a host running cpanel, and I have phpmyadmin. How do I connect to mysql remotely?
I would have a few websites tapped into one database… probably in a read only mode.

Please point me in the right direction.

No problem. Glad it help.

I do this on a few sites.

In cPanel there is a section called: Manage Remote MySQL Access. You want to add the IP address of the site(s) that will be acessing the database.

On the site that is accessing the data you want to replace “localhost” in the DB connection string with the actual site address eg: “”.

I would also set up a unique user for each site and only give them the permissions they need.

Oh and one more thing… if you are on a VPS you may need to get your host to open up the firewall that protects your mysql server.

You have saved me countless hours of downloading sql and moving it around site by site.