Looking for an improved email client


I write many emails per day and I notice that most of them are the same.

Is there an email client that will let me to have pre-determined email templates that I can change the content and fire them off ?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Mr. Alexander

Kristain, the original poster has not answered and looks like he’s keeping himself busy in some other thread. You can leave it here but thanks for the help :smiley:

Mulberry is a powerful and incredibly versatile email client available for all the popular platforms. If there is something Mulberry lacks, it is simplicity.

Yes, I use Thunderbird (so do several other people who have replied in this thread) but have you a more specific question regarding Thunderbird?

I mainly use in conjunction with Gmail so I am not wasting bandwidth, loading a bloated advert sponsored web interface, etc.

Mozilla Thunderbird email client is better now days .Thunderbird 3 is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and supports about 50 languages. Anyone use it.

I am using Mozilla Thunderbird email client which is better than other email clients.

Sorry if I disagree. Outlook is just another e-mail client and that’s it. Very well presented, but another e-mail client. It doesn’t make you e-mail handling any easier than any other e-mail. Today, most e-mail clients have rules to organize e-mails automatically, intellingent folders and so on… calendars and more… Outlook 2007 doesn’t provide anything new compared to 2003 and its interface is very similar to the 2003 version… which I’m very thankful for… the most annoying thing in Office 2007 was the differences between the two versions.

Not even with Microsfot Exchange installed.

And regarding templates, I find much easier to use Thunderbird than Outlook which is surprisingly annoying with those things (although it is just a case of getting use to it).

Don’t get me wrong. Outlook is fine but there are also some other fine e-mail clients out there and you still need to learn to use it properly, like any other piece of software.

I’m a bit surprised, kristain… I used to use increadible a few years ago and there was no problem to import contacts from Outlook. In the worst case scenario, you could export from Outlook as a .txt file and import into incredible mail.

Incredible mail is a cool (or used to be) client.

I do have Windows Live and I had problems (occasionally) to upgrade. Then, I would download it manually and install it.

Regarding Thunderbird, that’s what I use now and I have nothing negative to say about it except that its looks is not as polished as Outlook and the Lightning functionality needs a bit of improvement, but nothing major.

Outlook 2007 looks pretty much as 2003 (thank goodness, the rest of the packages looks completely different to the previous version) but, unless you really want the rest of the Office software, it is not worth it by itself, in my opinion. I mean that you could do the same with Outlook 2003.

. I downloaded Incredemail and found it very interesting with the butler who announces my mail. The downside was that I was unable to input contacts from Outlook which-of course, wasn’t on that computer. I then tried to work with Windows Live. I could import the contacts but the program insists on downloading a newer version but never seems to install it. Also, Internet Explorer failed in the process. I looked up Thunderbird and only found negative reviews so didn’t try it. Outlook 2007 isn’t a program I’ve purchased.

Use a Mac, launch Apple Mail and get everything out of your way. Remove all the uninteresting icons from the toolbar and learn all useful keyboard shortcuts. Get TextExpander or a similar piece of software if you have text snippets you use often in your emailing.

You’ll be able to fire off an email quickly without clicking and without distractions.

EDIT: Forgot to mention you can set up some Smart Mailboxes and rules to make it easier as well.

IncrediMail, what memories it brings back. The 90’s were fun!

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is certainly the one going to turn your e-mail handling into a piece of cake. It’s so graphically enhanced that it can easily turn you from a novice to a seasoned pro in regard to handling e-mails.

I agree with you outlook 2007 is better than outlook 2003.

It really depends on how you work and the amounts that we’re talking… You can always use your regular e-mail client and save the e-mails as drafts to be used later on (always creating a copy so you don’t lose the original)

Outlook allows you to create your own templates and Thunderbird has that feature too (probably easier to use in Thunderbird than in Outlook). I assume that any e-mail client will have it too.

Now, if you’re looking into a fair amount of e-mails in a daily basis, probably you want to use a mailer program. These programs are created to e-mail large amounts of mails and therefore are able to store templates too… which may be good even if you just send 4/5 per day.