Can you recommend a simple email template?

Do most email services nowadays display better looking email messages than simple text email messages?

I’d like my web site’s registration confirmation email to look more interesting than just a text paragraph with a link.

Can you recommend a simple/interesting email template? Or any other idea?

Frankly, I prefer a simple, straightforward plain text email, but if you want an email template, Google is your friend here…

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of course, I’m aware of google. was looking for someone who may know of a particular one

The words “simple” and “email template” don’t go together in the same sentence.

If you are sending out the emails yourself, then as posted, plain text is your best bet for having the least cross-client problems. If you know for certain that all of the recipients will be using known email client(s) you may have some luck coding for them.

But if you want good looking emails with the least amount of hassle, instead of looking for a template for you to use, you should look for an email service. Depending on how many you are sending you may be able to take advantage of a “free tier” some of them offer.


Take a look at this topic from September.


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