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Hi guys
I am new in this community. I am facing some major problem that’s why i am here and i hope i could solve my problem and stay here to helps others.
I am trying to build up HTML email template and so far i did it. I used MailChimp for test. I send it to my gmail mail. and it looks good. I am using thunderbird it’s looks good. I send it also outlook and yahoo mail. but i can’t figure out the responsive in outlook and yahoo how can i test or how can i understand that.
Or is there any free resource to check my template.
Also i am trying to download latest responsive html email template but i couldn’t. Can anyone provide me responsive html mail template. I have to know ton of things about html email template. I am looking for a actual mate that he or she can help me. I just need little bit help. I learn all the thins from internet. I have no personal mentor that i can ask him to solve my problem. I am looking for mentor mate…
Thanks buddy!

Hi there rajibmridha062,

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You should not expect the HTML rendering in mail clients to ever be the same
regardless of how you code it.

I would suggest that you don’t send HTML emails, but instead send plaintext.

If you really want the recipient to see some fancy HTML page, then insert a
URL to the page inside your plaintext email.



^ That

Putting together good HTML emails for the different email clients is daunting for even the more experienced web designers.

IMHO, you might be able to do OK if you keep it as simple as possible and code it like a circa 1990 web page. As coothead posted non-HTML plain text emails are the surest safe approach. If you feel you really need a more complex HTML email, probably better to use a service that has experience and knowledge of what will work for what email clients. (eg. send this to outlook, this to gmail, but this to thunderbird etc.) And even then, they will not look the same cross-clients. Only that they shouldn’t be horribly broken in any.


Most welcome to Forums!!
If you have to check your mail template litmus is alternative solutions for that

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