Looking for a simple 2-level popup menu

Hello everyone. I’m looking for a simple 2-level popup menu in which could change color and size with CSS. I need the menu to be on the left, open by clicking on the burger icon, and close by clicking on the cross or anywhere outside the menu itself. It also has to work on both smartphones and desktops.

I found many solutions, but they are all too complicated and cumbersome.

Can you please tell me where I can find such a menu?

Here’s a demo from a recent thread that shows an easy way to pop up a menu without JS (modern browsers only).

You could convert it to open on the left or whatever is required.

As you say there are many about so you will probably have to get your hands dirty and start coding :slight_smile: If you get stuck then show us what you have got and we can help put you on the right track.

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