Basic JavaScript Popup Menu - Noob Question

Hi Gurus,

First, I apologize the the noob’ness of this question.

I have been looking all over the place for a simple javascript based popup menu. I have a ton of examples. However they have all been flashy, things flying around, sliding in and out, graphic intensive.
And I have found a ton of different kinds.

I did find one thing that seems to work well, but doesn’t quite fit my needs. I will attached it below. But I can only get it to work by binding it to a element then right clicking on that element. If I could envoke the menu using an onclick event. That may work too.

Basically, what I am trying to do. Is left click on a text link, Open a popup menu with a couple options then open those in the same or new window. And it’s going to have to be javascript based. I don’t think (see below) CSS menu will exactly work with my implementation.
If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be fantastic.

And If anyone is familiar with it or curious. I’m trying to do a custom OBIEE navigation link from a pivot to a different subject area.

Thanks again all for your time.

Do you know of an example online that behaves like you want? If we could picture what you want, we could suggest some options.

You could use :target. That would give the the popup and should go to another page on click. Js for ie.

Just tested it - works perfect.

ralph.m – Something like this:

Eric – Thanks. Do you have an example?

I do have an example, but whats wrong with that guys you linked to?

I think you have to pay for it.
When I tried testing, on my side it displays “trial version” sometimes.