Looking for a good To Do List site

I’m looking for a good To Do List site. Ideally I’m looking for one that allows for multipule projects and sub projects, has a nice easy to use web interface for adding and checking off tasks and has either a good mobile interface or an android app for it. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

If you want to manage projects, you need collaboration tools like Campfire (http://campfirenow.com/). For simple todo list, for personal purpose, http://tadalist.com/ or http://todoist.com/ would do.

try SpringPad www.springpadit.com/

It has support for multiple notebooks (where you can create unlimited lists in each)

+Android app, which works rather nicely. Good widgets and shortcut options.

One downside is upon opening the app you get the ‘full view’ which is to say everything you’ve added. You have to navigate to a specific notebook/project.

Also, I find the act of ticking a to-do or list item doesn’t do anything intuitive, like get added to a ‘done’ list, just a tick in the box. It leaves me feeling unsatisfied. In so much as the action of ticking it off didn’t acomplish anything… but I might just be weird.