Any free hosting service

any free hosting service?
free and fast
please help me

Free and fast don’t go together… you get what you pay for. Most free hosts also put ads on your web pages… but if you’re looking for something easy why not try wordpress or tumblr?


There are many free hosting providers out there but I would personally recommend that you find a very low cost provider so as to avoid the chance your web host will disappear the next day (not that a low cost provider provides that much more comfort).

What exactly are you trying to host? Are you wanting to start a blog? Do you need a lot of email space? Specifics would help the community give you more detailed and helpful responses. Hope this helps.

Free host are not good for your site, this can kill your site, because you wouldn’t get good uptime and their server is slow.Even you will find their ads in your cpanel or in your site.My opinion is free hosting is not good but if you want to use free hosting you can try

Avoid free hosting as everyone has stated before. They have no incentive to keep your site up and it can be removed at any moment. The speeds and uptime are atrocious.
The moment I got paid hosting that came with a free domain, I noticed a HUGE difference. It is a difference that is worth it.

Free hosting is just about the most expensive hosting there is - it means that someone else is making the money from your site that you could be making yourself if you paid for the hosting.

For example $100 for hosting for a year less the $3000 you make from placing a few ads on the pages works out to be $2900 cheaper than if you put the same site on free hosting and allow someone else to put twice as many ads on the pages.

free hostings is not good working it’s beter to use hostgator

000webhost … is free and don`t put ads on your website

They must be earning money from you in some other way then - otherwise they would soon go bankrupt and shut down.

Whatever method they are using to earn money from you will be bringing them in more money than you would pay for proper hosting where you could then do the same and pocket the difference yourself.

I use a hosting company who only charge me £48 for 2 years. -1 free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sub-domains, emails addresses, parking etc. Ive been with them 3 years and had no problems at all and very little downtime.
I havent named them as I dont want to get into advertising but if you want I will pm the name to you so you can check them out on the review sites

If money is an issue, you should use some blogging or free service (posterous, tumblr, blogger, Facebook, Twitter) and just post content on there.

Any free host will be crap and additionally plaster your page with ads. Not worth it in most cases.

If you go to they have a forum thread where offers of free hosting are posted.

Usually they are promotionals by companies that charge but there are genuine lifetime freebies as well. As with paid hosting, it is a good idea to do some research as to what is good and what is bad. The things to look for are:

No ads
No subdomains
Can use your own domain
It really is free - not just free for first month, year, etc.
What do you get with it? (To be usable, you might have to pay for extras. A lot of “cheap” hosters do the same thing).

Finally, don’t be too cynical about free web hosting. The costs are coming down and the technology is getting better and better. You can get free everything on the internet now. Emails (Gmail), storage (Dropbox), accounting (Mint), etc, etc. They all offer superlative solutions and how they make money is via addon services, ads, or upgrades.

But you still get something great for free.

Tim at Ingenyes.

I agree 100%. I tried to found in the past a free host but it didn’t worth.

I am agree with you.hostgator is the best hosting service for business and personal ever i seen. and


I don’t prefer free hosting because we can’t expect quality services from them so we should always go with paid hosts those offer their services at very cheapest prices. is the best

Best free web hosting service is blog spot .You can use this service.

Hi, there are many of them out there, but at the time which i didnt have a real domain i was using “” they are good.

you could also try XtreemHost provides free hosting which includes domain name, MySQL and PHP support without ads. Their service also comes with 5.5 GB of disk space (with 4MB maximum file size) and 200 GB data transfer every month.