Perl Conference! YAPC::EU in Frankfurt am Main 20-22 August 2012!

Live nearby? This year YAPC::EU is being held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. German beer, great talks, and Perl! Early bird tickets are gone, so their cost is now €110 for regular tickets. Still the cheapest programming-related conference I’ve ever seen.

The current (and still being updated) list of talks are here. Some of the general-talks highlights are Noirin Plunkett’s talks about how the Apache community does things, and getting involved in open source; Clinton Gormley (Perl’s ElasticSearch specialist) about using ElasticSearch with Perl’s newish object-system extension, Moose; plenty of talks about Perl’s microframework Dancer (similar to Ruby’s Sinatra and Python’s Bottle and Flask frameworks); lots of stuff about packaging, distribution and working with CPAN.
Also usually Josette sets up a book table with OReilly and other books; I know for certain that some folks are bringing their “Perl library” so there’ll be lots of Perl-specific books there too.

I’m looking forward to it. Anyone curious about how awesome Perl conferences are, consider showing up between Monday the 20th of August til Wednesday the 22nd (not counting workshops etc) at Goethe University, Bockenheim campus!