Is Photoshop the best software for Graphic design?

Is Photoshop the best software for Graphic design? or do designers use other softwares aswell as photoshop? are the others Adobe’s softwares ?

PS is the industry standard, but does that make it the best? Not sure, that is something that each user would have to decide for themselves.

It’s great, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best (at least for the $$$) if you’re just using it to create non-photographic Web graphics. For that I’d have to go with Paint Shop Pro hands down due to the better compression.

XaraExtreme is worth looking at, it’s blazingly fast as well (many times faster than PS).

For me Photoshop is the best, because I’m used to it, but the main open source competition is and I must say I wasn’t impressed a few years ago, but last time I tried I saw they’ve made A LOT of progress on the user interface and it’s much easier to go from photoshop to gimp. If you’re just starting out, why not take gimp as your favorite graphic tool, because it’s only getting better.
Of course if you’re into very serious image editing, like big photos of 100MB+ then perhaps photoshop is the safest route.

I am very pleased to Photoshop

Photoshop is a raster based program, it should be used for photos, and selectively when you need to apply a treatment to an image. THE graphic design programs are the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Illustrator (for creating vector illustrations), and InDesign (for page layout and multiple page docs). Photoshop is also part of the Adobe CS.

There’s alot of graphic programs especially for windows but linux plataform is better,
I like gimp though and it saves in psd as well,works in windows too, does almost everything that photoshop does!

If you want to work and play with pixels PS has the best tools out there.

A combination of Illustrator for print design and Photoshop for web design is typically what we use.

Same for our marketing agency… although I am “only” the developer I have to prepare some graphics for the web once in a while. I am using Gimp at home but I think it is far away from substituting PS. If I had too much money I’d buy PS…

I can’t do without photoshop, but Adobe Illustrator is even as important, especially for vector base design.

It’s all based on your opinion. It surely is a very good software but “best” is your opinion and everyone’s opinion. Although it is a very good software and I recommend it! :slight_smile:

I think it is the best but designers use GIMP etc. too.

I guess its how you define best… but most people in the business use it. There are some GIMP and Painter users but the vast majority is PS.

Photoshop is the industry standard, I think that is the best way to describe it, whether it is the best or not is too subjective to claim, it depends on the person, what they want to accomplish, what they need, how well they can use a computer and a hundred+ other variables, it kinda annoys me when people keep asking “what’s the best <insert item here>” as it’s impossible for anyone to actually conclude a genuine winner unless you have a whole bunch of information about the person asking.

I think photoshop is the best one because in my career of 4 year i am unable to find a software of his match.

Yes I think it is. However Gimp is the best free one.

For bitmaps its Photoshop hands down, allays and forever. :slight_smile:

For me Photoshop is the best. In my opinion It’s just the easiest to learn. Because it is the standard software out there, and most commonly used, there are so many great tutorials and sites offering support, i think thats what helps me pin it as the best for me.