Lock save as function to avoid save image into pc

Well Friends i want to design website which contains many picture my requirement is that when visitors come to my web they r not allowed to save my images to their pc i want to lock save as function is there any way my web site is in flash+asp.net

This is a topic discussed many times here on Sitepoint and elsewhere. If it’s not about pictures, it’s about content and the opinions are very different from one person to the other. I think If you would like to protect your images from being downloaded don’t put them online. There are several ways to delay the possibility to download your images like using them as backgrounds with CSS , but eventually If someone want a certain picture he/she will get it.

When dealing with images, some effective techniques are to publicly show on the web page a smaller version of the image, such as 640x480, where access to the full quality image is through a protected account.

You can also emboss a logo over some significant part of the image, as a way of helping to protect them.

You have to remember that once something appears on a computer screen anyone can just take a copy of it and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop them.

As a last resort all I would have to do is press my PrtScrn key on my keyboard and that copies whatever is on the screen into my clipboard.

From there I can copy the clipboard to Photoshop, or any other image editing application, and crop it, resize it or whatever else I like.

The only way to guarantee 100% no-one will take your images from your web page in the browser is to not post them in the first place.

No. The only way to stop people copying your pictures is not to publish them online.

Even if you use Javascript to stop people right-clicking (which is easily solved by disabling Javascript, and is far more likely to irritate the hell out of people who have other legitimate reasons for right-clicking), and even if you set the image as a background rather than inline (so they would need to use Firebug/Dragonfly or hunt through the source code and CSS), there’s nothing you can do to stop people using Print Screen and dumping the screenshot into the editor of their choice.

And quite frankly, the more you do to make it difficult for people to copy your pictures, the more likely some people are to rip off your images, out of pure frustration.