How to Protect Your Content from Being Copied

is there any javascript to project content from being copied? or some other ways?

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Any Javascipt solution would be useless as people can switch of Javascript.

If you have sensitive content, consider password protecting it, or just don’t put it on a website.


You can block copy-paste on your website by using javascript and also prevent the drawing and disabling context menu or CTRL+SHIFT+I (inspect content) all using javascript. But warning if the user disabled JavaScript and you know PHP go with PHP.

If you had read the reply above, you would know that you cannot use JavaScript effectively for this, as anyone can get around the block by simply disabling JavaScript in their browser.

Also, it is bad practice to interfere with the normal functioning of the browser, including right-click.

How do you propose to use PHP for this purpose?

The only perfect way to prevent content from being copied is to not put it online. Nothing else is water tight. If people can see it they can copy it.


No. The browser leaks like a sieve.

People can highlight and copy/paste.
They can right-click to View Source and get your underlying HTML code, then follow up and link to all your assets, like css and js files.
They can click and save the whole page and all its graphics.
They can hit PrtSc on Windows and get a screengrab.
They can right-click on any image and download or save it to disk.

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And when all of that fails they can also get their phone and take a picture of their monitor.