Local Testing server - Remote Database & Dreamweaver

Something is sorely missing from my education. I cannot figure out how to make Dreamweaver view a database on both my testing server and remote host at the same time. Is this even possible?

I can make a connection to my local database, and I can make a connection to the database on my host, but only by sacrificing one for the other.

Ok, I know I’ve got to synchronize the databases outside of Dreamweaver. I’ve set up my host to synchronize through PhpMyAdmin, so that is covered. But I have to keep changing the URL of my connection script in Dreamweaver in order to see it in one place or the other. Is this the standard operating procedure?

Could y’all please educate me on the best practices for managing dynamic data in Dreamweaver? I’ve checked the Adobe site repeatedly, but everything I find stops at the testing server environment. Is this the SOP: develop your database through your testing server, get it approved, then export & upload an SQL file to the host?

Thanks very much for your kind attention to my ignorance…