Connecting to MS SQL Server with Dreamweaver


Is it possible to connect to an MS SQL Server using Dreamweaver MX? If so, can anyone please provide the steps to connect? Thanks!

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Yes it is possible. I have only myself connected to MySQL and IBM DB2 for development. However, I did fine this on Macromedia’s site:

Bwarrene, thanks for this. It’s more about connecting to a database that’s hosted on the local host unfortunately, but I appreciate your efforts :slight_smile:

Connecting to a MSSQL db on the localhost is no different to connecting to a db located anywhere else! Simply specify “localhost” or “” as the server name/address when prompted.

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Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to LOGIN to a remote MS SQL Server through Dreamweaver MX (instead of using Enterprise Manager) then? I don’t think I made myself clear enough.

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Of course DW MX lets you do that - you always have to specify a logon username & password when you access an SQL Server, no matter what program you’re using or what scripting language you’re using!!

How are you trying to create the connection inside DW? Using a wizard or typing some connection code into the script? If the former, then the username/logon fields required to connect to the SQL Server must be staring you in the face!

Very kind, but sadly untrue! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, It’s been a few months since this thread was active, but I’ve got the same question and think it hasn’t been answered for me. Hoping you can clarify.

I’ve successfully connected to MySQL servers, but what about MS SQL? Specifically one that is SQL Server 2000? All via dreamweaver MX.


Well, I’ve never used it (because I code everything by hand), but it’s taken me about 5 seconds to see that you can either use a DSN (and specify the username and pass in the DW dialog), or use a custom connection string (in which case you would include the user/pass combo within it).

So frankly, I don’t understand what you don’t understand! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a similar problem except that DW shows the connection test as successful but the tables part of the menu is still empty (?)

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

PS. I have .net framework, MSDE, Windows XP Pro etc installed and I am trying to create an site.

i dont know if you have your questions answered, but i have used DW extensively, and the simplest way to connect to MS SQL server is to go to the “APPLICATIONS PANEL” then to the “DATABASE”

  • Click on the plus sign and create either
  1. A connection string e.g.
    “Driver={SQL Server};Server=servername;Database=db_name;Trusted_Connection=yes;”

for a trusted connection, or specify the username and password parameters for the non trusted connection

Always click on the test connection

  1. Create an ODBC connection,

connections on the fly, ie the first are usually, said to be more reliable and faster.

In the next panel, which is the “bindings panel” you click on the plus button, and add a record set.

You could choose to add a recordset, or command object.

When the recordset dialog box appears, its simple and straightforward, I prefer to write my queries myself from scratch.

Then you could drag and drop the recordsets and db values into your ASP page. IN the server behaviours panel, you could see all dynamic objects in your page

Hope this helps

Enjoy !!!

Also note, you could even use a WYSIWYG editor as MS frontpage, just that, frontpage dont show you the dynamic form elements

I’m not familiar with the .net framework but I do know of a bug in DW MX that can make you not see any tables when you connect. I’ve had this problem using php/mysql within MX. The obvious thing to check is that your host, username and password are all correct, and if they are maybe this bug is causing your problem? Make sure you have the latest version of MX and install the updates if need be from the Macromedia site. The 6.1 update is meant to fix the bug where it doesn’t show remote tables properly.

If that fails you should try deleting the remote connection scripts folders and making DW recreate them from scratch. Very occasionally these can go wrong and cause your connection to not show any database tables when they are there in the database. The offensive files in question on your server are in the _mmServerScripts folder. Just remove that and it should create a new one with appropriate code.

It’s highly possible that won’t work but hey, I tried :wink:


Hi all
i had this problem with the tables not showing in an Access database, and it
turns out the problem is with Windows SP2. there is an extention to download to fix this problem at macromedia this is what they wrote!

ASP.NET issue: When using a local ASP.NET test server running on XP SP2 with Dreamweaver (i.e. the Testing Server URL prefix is set to “localhost”), database connectivity fails. If you click the Test button in the OLE DB Connection or SQL Server Connection dialog box, it says the connection was made successfully. However, if you then try to browse the tables in the Databases panel or in the DataSet dialog box, the database tables do not display.”

hope this helps some

Chainy :tup:

After connecting to an Sql databse then what to do? i mean like in access database the database is located in my wwwrootfolder like Mydatbase.mdb, but how is it in Sql database where would be the database be located? will it be on my testing server? inetpub\wwwroot directory? Plese help me understand SQL environment.

hi Winter, see the post answered here