Live Sport Scores

Hey guys, is it possible for me to get live scores for different baseball or football games on my site? Anyway to get a script or something for that, not looking to spend money, so im guessing thats a no. If i did spend money, where and how much would something like that cost?

Have no intention of doing this, but how would someone go about doing this. Don’t understand what scraping a site means.

There are 2 ways to do this…

1 - The “right” way. This involves paying an obscene amount of money to a company like STATS INC for their live feeds. A live feed amounts to a text-based file that you can download at a regular interval (say 2 minutes) to update your own database with.

2 - The “other” way, also known as the “immoral”, “unethical”, and “cheap” way of doing it. This involves screen scraping a site that incorporates #1 (or a site that does #2).

Google for screen scraper that should help you.

Hi, I’ve used TQ Stats in the past and thought it worked well. It’s also not too expensive, around $50 at the time for a full season of football stats.

yea rather not pay for it, but i might down the road. Was just looking for something free, i know it would have ads on it though.

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