Live Data


New to HTML but learning fast and this site has been a godsend to be honest

I’m creating a small site for amateur football leagues but wonderd if I could take live information from the FA Full Time website into my own?

I can get this but only so its static I dotn want to re-write the code every week!


Might help if I get you an example of what I want:

I’d like the league table and the fixtures if possible. I’ve seen this doen elsewhere but cant quite understand teh code.

An example is here (albeit for a different league table):

^You have to click on one of the divisions

If this has been answered previously then I’d love to see it but cant find it anywhere and its driving me mad!!! :slight_smile:

I guess it depends on how the site publishes their data and their Terms of Use. Do they have an API or RSS feed?

They dont have an RSS feed an I’m not sure what an API is (Although after rerading about it I dont think they do!)

Its a website ran by the FA (Footbal Association) not for profit. I emailed them and asked if I could take this for my site and they said it was fine due to teh nature (It promotes activity/ football for youths and adults ina specific region).

Thus, I’m allowed to get the data, i just cannot do it :frowning:

kimbo_king, I’ve just been to the first link you posted… along the main menu is link called Feeds, which takes you to a page where you can choose the data you want to display on your own site and it then gives you some code to paste into your page to do so. This seems to be how the Huddersfield and District site is doing it.

Thanks for this

Firstly for making me feel llike a fool but secondly for helping :slight_smile:

This has got my project going agains :slight_smile: