Live Course: Git for Busy People

If you’ve ever thought “what the hell did Git just do?” or “Oh dear, this repo is really broken now,” then we’ve got just the thing for you.
We’re trying a new format of course on - it’s kinda like ‘tandem learning’. You start the course at the same time as your peers and the instructor and Learnable’s in-house team of experts will be standing by to answer your questions live.

Live course: Git for Busy People with Ben Hoskings
Starts: 10.00 am Pacific Standard Time, March 6, 2013

With more than 3 million developers on GitHub, Git is a popular choice for the social coder.

In this 7-lesson course, learn how to reason about Git repos, employ Git for confidence and control in your workflow, and collaborate faster and more directly.

Enroll now and we’ll notify you as soon as it starts.

You can follow the progress of your peers by following the #mastergit hashtag on Twitter.

Happy learning!

I think I am too late here.:nono: The opportunity had gone. Better luck next time for me.:smiley: