Mastering Git

I have been a user and fan of Git for quite a long time.

I was pleased to have been the driving force on the production of our Community Curated guide to Git (for beginners and non-programmers).

I have been an evangelist for git’s adoption by other-than-software-developers; all who use computers to create and manage content.
As a result I was approached early this year by Packt Publishing to develop a Video Course that goes into detail about git. At the same time, Git crossed a long-awaited threshold to version 2.0. So, I believe, Mastering Git, my 130+ minute tutorial is the first of its kind to include a discussion of the new features in Git 2.x.

This represents more than six months of my free time - and a culmination of many years of experience - but it makes me very proud to provide this guide to others and bit of a legacy for myself.


Thanks for the link, @ParkinT. I’m going to bookmark this when I get to work on Monday, and check it out as time allows.



The first link 404s for me. Is this project still active?

It looks like the link to Learnable does not have a redirect to it’s new location in Premium.

You can find the book here

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Thanks for pointing that out @shoehorn, @Mittineague. It has been updated appropriately.

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Thank’s, it’s really usefull.