New Take Control Of Your Project Tutorial - A Guide to Git

Hi Everyone,

Sitepoint is working hard to keep knowledge accessible and affordable. As part of this initiative we have created another free tutorial [post=5524993]Take Control Of Your Project Changes[/post]

Please feel free to download this tutorial or read it online.

Periodically members and staff will volunteer their expertise to help create this documentation. If you want to help in this cause then you can send me a private message to @ServerStorm; and I will be sure to help you organize and get your help and the staff involved. Keep in mind that anything we create belongs to the community and we don’t promote any business or service.

We hope you benefit from this document and please ask any questions in your favourite forums and we will ensure that a knowledgeable staff or member answers your call!

Thanks for sharing informative post. Its very helpful for my project.

This is a fantastic document guys. Thanks very much for the time you put into it. I highly recommend that anyone new to Git give it a read.

very informative document its really helpful for me because i am also started a project soon