Live case study

I am conducting a live case study on building and growing a 300,000 page site. By “live,” I mean I am doing this real time. Except for some initial coding, everything else is done at the time of the update (e.g. domain registration, SEO efforts, Google Analytics screenshots [of the prior period], etc.). In fact, just registered the domain earlier today.

I am posting this here, because I think the info is of interest and very relevant to people who browse this forum. Also, I will be responding to questions posted on this thread directly.

However, the live updates themselves will be posted to a blog entry that I am updating on a daily basis. Here it is:

Hope you find this useful!


I just tool a look on it, It seems very interesting to me So I am going to read it with relax in free time I get. Thanks for sharing. Hope to get something very interesting from the post

Just wanted to provide an update on the case study.

It’s been almost a full week and we have 3,780 pages indexed by Google already. I’ve only done long tail SEO work for the site, which is mostly driven by article marketing and social bookmarking thus far. I plan to complete all the SEO I will do for this site over the next couple days, which will be a 4 tiered backlink structure with random linking.

As of today, I’m starting to see some long tail search engine traffic hitting the site, as well.