Little Help with Safari/Chrome/Opera native white Scrollbar

Hi people, as you can see I’m new here, and I’ll start my membership here asking a little help. :slight_smile:

I’m not expert on Javascript(nor jQuery library) But I’ll try to help the comunity as much as I can. :slight_smile:

So, ok here’s the problem:


I notice that when a website have dark backgrounds applied to html or body tag, all MAC webkit browsers(Safari/Chrome/Opera), natively changes scrollbar’s theme to a white one.
BUT, it’s not happen on any other element’s scrollbar, only in html and body.

Live link:

And an image for those who don’t use mac but do want try to help:


There’s any way to set div’s scrollbars to have the native white theme WITHOUT using ::webkit-scrollbar CSS property?

Maybe a javascript to hack browser’s behavior or something to set it on this unique div.

Again: I DON’T want to custom it with ::webkit-scrollbar CSS property. The motive is that it loses it’s native behavior of hover, fade an timeout which is not fully customizable by native brwosers css properties. I also don’t want to use plugins like jScrollPane or PerfectScrollbar, I really need a way to force it’s native white scrollbar on scrollable divs.

jQuery or pure Javascript… Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile: