Manipulate Scrollbar Colors Using CSS and JavaScript

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Is there any way to change the scrollbar colors in Netscape?

Is there any way to have 2 icons (e.g. arrows) instead of scroll bars?

The CSS styles are not working on any browser.

any tips on customizing the look of list menu (select tag) boxes in the same way?

Can you change the scrollbar to an image or just the color?

Would love to see examples; it is fastidious to have to copy-paste the code into a document, rename the file and then open it in a browser.

Can i set the default position of the scroll bar? in the sense as soon as a page appears the horizontal scroll bar if present will appear at the left there a way to make it appear on the right end of the page?

It’d be nice if this were an W3C standard, but until it is using it is not a good idea. IE is only used by about 54% of the people on the web (I was going to post a link to stats here but this lame webapp forbids it, so look it up yourself if you don’t believe me) so using proprietary markup is a bad idea.