Safari Width issue - heeeelp ;)

Hi people,

I’m new to this forum - I have been stumped on this problem for a few days now and feel I need external help!!

Home page

In Firefox it’s fine.

In Safari 5.0 on a Mac it is showing a horizontal scrollbar as if the <body> was like 1800px wide… and on IE it has a greyed out horizontal scrollbar

I have a feeling it is some CSS somewhere causing this to happen (margin / padding somewhere maybe?) but I can’t find it.

The “computed style” when I inspected the element of the <body> shows width: 1846px; I don’t use safari much apart from cross-browser compatibility testing so not sure what “computed style” means. I assume it’s the calculated style of what I am looking at in that specific browser with my computer hardware, just an assumption - please correct if I am wrong.

Any help much appreciated - I have wasted enough time on this - hopefully it’s an easy one to fix.

Thanks in advance,

I’m still not sure what’s causing it, but if you use the overflow:hidden on then you can still scroll horizontally if you’re on a small screen rez.

Will that work for you?

EDIT: read below

Add this to your css:

.wrapper { overflow:hidden; }

Should fix you up right nicely!

Actually I did already use this as a hack and the reason I removed it was that anyone with a small screen resolution will not be able to see all of the content as they will be unable to scroll horizontally.

I think something else could be causing this to happen. The original Magento theme for this is only 980px wide and I have made it wider so it’s 1150px. Now I just loaded the theme demo site in safari and changed the styles for the width to make it 1150px wide the same as my site, and there is no scroll-bar. I am thinking it could be the jQuery slider causing it somehow???


FYI - - theme demo

Yep, works a treat.

Thankyou very much!!!