Links work, but not for me?

I have had a website for sometime now, and on various pages I post links to helpful sites. Suddenly today when I click on those links nothing happens. When my wife goes to my site they work fine. Why would they not work for me suddently.

<table border=“5” border color=“black” bgcolor=“#EAEAAE” align=“right”>


<h3><center><font color=“#551011”>A Few Useful Links</center></h3>

<b><a href=“”><center><font color=“#AF1E2D”>Coin Supplies<center></b>
<b><a href=“”><center><font color=“#AF1E2D”>Coins</center></a></font></center></b>

<b><a href=“”><center><font color=“#AF1E2D”>Professional Coin Grading<center></a></font></center></b>
<b><a href=“”><center><font color=“#AF1E2D”>American Numismatic Assoc.</center></a></font></b>
<b><a href=“”><center><font color=“#AF1E2D”>Coin Literature</a></font></center></b>


Never mind…it was compatibility view in IE. Sorry…

Still, I’m surprised old IE can’t click those links (I’m assuming it’s something to do with the tags being inside the anchors instead of out?).