Weird Problem: Link not working in IE

On the website below, when you click on the “Just Published” tab on the homepage you will see a link called “Payment Matters, May 13, 2010”. For some reason the link does not work in IE7 or IE6 (Not sure about IE8). The HTML looks fine to me. Anyone have an idea why it’s not working? Thanks.

I just clicked the link in IE7 and ended up at Correct?

I also looked around with the IE developers tool and didn’t see anyone covering that area up… that was my first thought, every time I’ve seen some browsers clicking on a link and others not, it was some other element positioned over the anchor, and browsers differed on where they placed the link z-wise. Is it possible that content_wrapper was too wide earlier?

I’m gonna have to tsk you for the [noparse]<div> </div>[/noparse] thing. Bah.

I’d tend to agree; if you have links that don’t seem to be clickable but are valid and well-formed, etc. usually it’s CSS masking something - although I didn’t notice an un-click-able zone. Another trick is to tab through the links and see if it activates that way.

I removed an extra </li> tag and I thought for sure that would fix it, but no the link still does not work! All the validation errors are because of the Flash. I don’t thing the Flash has anything to do with the link not working in IE. Any other ideas?

Seems you’ve fixed the link, but you might want to validate your pages. You have some fairly serious errors in there. :slight_smile:


Hey there, I didn’t take time to zero in on it,
but it appears that you have two <ul> opening
tags on the page. But in contrast there are
three </ul> closing tags.

I would suspect this has something to do with it. :wink: