I am new at this but for some reason my hyperlinks aren't clickable?

	<a href="index.html">Home</a> &nbsp; &#10058; &nbsp;
	<a href="codingProjects.html">Coding Projects</a> &nbsp; &#10058; &nbsp; 
	<a href="trackStar.html">Track Star</a> &nbsp; &#10058; &nbsp;
	<a href="hbcuLife.html">HBCU Life</a> &nbsp; &#10058; &nbsp;  
	<a href="contactPage.html">Contact Page</a>

I see no obvious reason why they would not be clickable.
There must be more to it, such as CSS placing something over or the menu.

Do you mind if I send you the whole file and you take a look at it?

You can post the code here or use something like Codepen.

Strangest thing, when I paste my code in Codepen the links work, but they don’t work when I open the HTML doc to preview the website. Going to start using Codepen for my web previews, thank you Sam!