Links Of HREF Is Not Working Properly In IOS

Heyy Folks Myself (Emka) Emmanuel Katto From Uganda… Having problems with href links on iOS. They work correctly on desktop browsers. The only link that works on iOS is the About Me link, the others do nothing. I ran it through a validation tool and fixed all the errors. This is my first time using SVG and I thought they might overlap so I created different z-indexes for them and that didn’t work either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

<g fill-opacity="0" stroke-opacity="0">
 	<a xlink:href="" target="_blank">
 		<rect id="imdb" x="620.19" y="153.26" width="501.31" height="243.49"/>
 	<a xlink:href="aboutme.html">
	 	  <rect id="aboutme" x="5.7292" y="403.91" width="711.86" height="244.92"/>

Please Suggest Me

Thank You!!

Correct? Should it not be https://?

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Are you sure it’s doing nothing? target=“_blank” means it will open in a new tab/window… are you looking at the browser’s tabs (also, what browser are you using on your mobile device? iOS isnt a browser. Do you mean Safari?) to check and see if a new tab has opened without you noticing?

If you have checked, then we probably need to see the whole SVG’s code.


The code works for me in ios safari and the links work (although I believe xlink is now deprecated in favour of href).

As @m_hutley said we’d need to see the whole code and context etc.

I assume you are scaling the svg as 700px won’t fit on a phone screen and the first rect is 620px to the right before it starts.

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yes it not be https://


I Am currently using Apple Iphone 7

The code will work fine there also I believe.

Do you have a link or working example that we can test on our phones? Or put up a codepen demo to make it easier for people to help you.

Otherwise we would need full html and css to see what’s going on.:slight_smile:

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