Anchor tag is not working in iPhone

I am facing an issue when the website opens on iPhone and open the side navigation menu all anchor tags are clickable except one. Link is working on windows (chrome and firefox), Mac (Safari and chrome) and android but in iPhone that link is not working on any browser. I am checking it on “iPhone X”.
Open the side menu and scroll down and go to careers and there is a link named “click here”. When clicking on that link nothing is happen and the screen moved to the top of the menu and after that menu is stuck and not scrolling. I am not getting that what is happening wrong with that link.

Here is the URL of the website -

Can anyone help me out with this?

The link is working on my iPhone SE ok.

The site took ages to load though on my slow connection that I nearly gave up :slight_smile:

I can’t see anything obvious as to why the link is not working on the iPhone X. I suggest you plug the phone into your Mac and then run Safari and select the phone to debug with its devtools. In that way you can test live and tweak the code to see what happens and try and work out what the issue is.

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Thank you for giving your precious time.
Can you tell me which iOS version you are using currently?
I am using version 14 it’s not working but when I checked in iPhone XR with updated version 15.0.1 it’s working fine.

It’s 14.8 on an iPhone SE. I also checked on an iphone7 and it works there also. :slight_smile:

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The llink is working fine in iPhone X Max too.