HREF links not working in iOS

Having issues with href links in iOS. They work properly in desktop browsers. The only link that works in iOS is the About Me link, the others do nothing. I’ve ran it through a validation tool and fixed any errors. This is my first time using SVG and thought they might be overlapping so I created different z-index’s for them and that didn’t work either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

 <g fill-opacity="0" stroke-opacity="0">
 	<a xlink:href="" target="_blank">
 		<rect id="imdb" x="620.19" y="153.26" width="501.31" height="243.49"/>
 	<a xlink:href="aboutme.html">
	 	  <rect id="aboutme" x="5.7292" y="403.91" width="711.86" height="244.92"/>

Can you post the code here, or in Codepen?

updated the post with the code.

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