Links from an external page

There was a question asked about “Links from an external page” that a user noticed in his cPanel (awastats). The answer was “You can’t control who links to you nor are you penalized for it”.

My question is why would there be a visit to my site from “Rate my Porn dot something”. And, how is it even possible, I went there and didn’t see any links to anything. I figured maybe the webmaster was cruising for sites to link to - maybe - and that ip address was logged?

I’m getting really suspicious of the security at my site, 2010 has seen a 5 fold increase in spam. The other day I hovered over a link on my wordpress dot com blog and it showed a picture of a site I’d never seen before, but recognized - I think - from a comment.

I’ve looked into some security scans I could run, but either they are way expensive or I just don’t trust them. Does anyone know of a one time scan a person can run to security vulnerability?

Most likely there’s an automated script that spiders web pages (much like a search engine 'bot) and send HTTP requests to every link they find. They make sure the name of the unethical site is in the HTTP Referer header, making it look like there’s been a link on the unethical site leading to the victim site.

Why do they do this? Because some sites have automated statistics pages that show incoming links. That means there may be a back-link to the unethical site from a potentially worthwhile victim site. They believe this will have some SEO benefit (it’s doubtful, to say the least).

Another popular scam is to send fake HTTP requests pretending to be from search engine result pages for certain keywords. I’ve had some of those for really disturbing search phrases … :eek:

Since you are, according to your handle, a wizard I wanted to ask if that wizardry applies to web sites? Would you look at my site at my user name dot com - choose (addiction) from menu and tell me if the widget will make the page load slow? I want to use this style - need to find out about widget before I use it on more pages.

I’d ask one of my friends who knows something about websites - but I don’t have any.

Have you noticed a big email spam increase recently? It may just be my site. I keep wondering if there are any “scan type programs” with which I can find vulnerabilities on my site - so far I haven’t found any.

LOL! :smiley: That’s just the default title that SitePoint assigns depending on your post count. I’m making no claims …

Widget? :confused:

Actually quite the opposite. I rarely get email spam these days. A few at the office (for the webmaster@ plus a government agency domain, i.e., easily guessed).

I don’t think I can put a link here yet. I needed something on my static pages that would give people something to click on, so I made a little widget with my recent posts (Twitter) and thought I put it where people could see it.

My question is: Does it slow the page down (on your browser). How does the new style look and load (ditto). Also I don’t like having to rely on another server to deliver script to my pages - so I’m hesitant to put this particular “off site” widget on the pages. The pages are all hard coded so I have to change every single page. I don’t want to find out it was a bad idea and have to change them back.

I’ll try this - dgswilson dot com/Addiction/Addiction.html

Widget is in div right

I’m getting the ‘Not seeing a widget?’ message. I run with all ‘bells and whistles’ (i.e., animations, sound, JavaScript, Java, plug-ins, automatic redirection) disabled by default, and only allow such things on a handful of trusted sites.

So I’ll leave this for someone who is less paranoid to answer your question. :slight_smile:

Well, that’s still good info. I never considered that-maybe I’ll look for a straight HTML Recent Post replacement option. I don’t really like gadgets anyway. I do want to let people know there is other stuff to look at. Thanks for your time.