Question about spammed links

Hi guys,

Got a quick question. Today I checked my webmaster tools and it is showing one website with 283 links to me. when I first noticed this site in webmaster tools it had 83 links. But everytime I look at the site I can’t find any links at all on the site, even when going through the code.

Is this a issue with Webmaster Tools or someone spamming links to my site to get me penalised?

Definitely view the source, but it could be that it once linked to you, and does not now. I have the same problem with a site that webmaster tools shows as having 310,429 links to my site and it does not seem to have a negative effect. That is probably because I have lots of quality links too. The main question to ask is what would a real person think if they reviewed all the domains linking to your site?

I doubt very much its someone spamming you. I see sites linking to my websites hundreds of times - and upon doing a wee bit of research, I usually find that the links are somewhere dynamically on the page - IE header, footer, sidebar widget, etc. It may be a bug with Webmaster Tools, but it seems that each time the site is indexed, Google is adding it as another link? (Just a guess), but certainly nothing to worry about.