Adsnese in an articles directory - looking for possible red flags


I have a couple of questions about Adsense - the thing is that I finally managed to start earning steadily with Adsense
and I’d just like to make sure that I’m doing everything right, just in case, so I don’t jeopardize
my account in any way.

I’d like to describe how and where I’m placing Adsense and where I get the traffic from and basically would like a feedback, please, as to whether there may be any red flags there.

So I have compiled a sub-directory for articles on my website, made up of articles written by experts on many different topics.
All of those articles include full attribution to the authors plus links to the authors’ products/homepages and are used with permission - with that those articles do obviously appear elsewhere on the web since authors submit them to push their products and there are others like me as well, so instead of filling Google with more the same and have it count as duplicate content, I put a noindex+noffolow tags all over the articles directory.
All the article pages have just 4 things in them - 1) the article 2) internal links to articles from the same category 3) 1-3 or so outgoing links to the author’s websites 4) 3 Adsense blocks - no poups/unders of any kind, no hidden content, nothing else.

Also another thing is that my Adwords, different account but with my name also, was permanently suspended a while ago because of a connection to an older Adwords account that probably was still open or some other potential violation, I don’t know exactley - but might this anyhow affect my Adsense account, which by the way I have for over 5 years now?

The traffic I get is all targeted CPC search traffic only from USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK from different CPC networks that I try out, and am getting good CTRs…
And with these being not my articles, there is also a good CTR to the websites of the authors, so the traffic/targeting is relevant.
Also, the clicks into my directory don’t spread evenly across the day but rather come as traffic spikes and so do the Adsense clicks respectively, is that okay?

Many questions, but please tell me if there may be any red flags there in any way. Any information is greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance and have a great day!

I can’t give you a definitive answer to all your points, but I will pick up a couple of them.

First, you say you are using noindex and nofollow attributes. If you flag an article as noindex, it won’t appear in the search engines, so few people will see it, so it won’t earn much AdSense revenue. I can’t see any reason why you would want that.

If you flag the outgoing link to the author’s site as nofollow, it won’t provide any SEO benefits for the author, which partly defeats the object of the site.

You say that a given article might appear on another site. That won’t be a problem from the AdSense point of view. It might mean that your copy of the article will rank lower than another copy (depending on various factors), which in turn will mean less traffic. But it won’t be a red flag, either to AdSense or the search engines.

Finally, your point about your AdWords account being suspended. I can’t say for sure, but I would be surprised if the status of an AdWords account had any effect on the status of an AdSense account.

Hope this helps.