Articles directory and Adsense

I have an articles directory and want to run adsense on it but people tell me there is a problem with gambling related content. When I tried to put adsense on my site it kept showing the public service ads for days on end. I am not entirely sure though that gambling content is a problem even if the TOS seem to say though because there are LOTS of articles directories big and small which all run adsense NEXT to their gambling content. What shall I do next to test if I can put adsense on there?

Well you’ve already mentioned that you have AdSense on your website. I’m not sure I understand the problem. Do you have gambling content on your website?

want to run adsense on it

I am not at the moment because when I tried it kept showing public service ads for 5 days i.e. the non paying variety which isn’T really helping with monetization… So it seems to me there is a problem. What exactly the problem is is what I am curious about.