Leaving HostGator: Good Shared Hosts?

OK so here is what I am looking for:

Shared Host Plan (not HostGator)
$10 / month or cheaper
Unlimited domains
“Unlimited” storage and bandwidth
Reliable hosting with good customer support

Should I just stick with HostGator or are there now some better shared host companies out there that do a better job than HostGator? Thanks,

Windows Azure, offers shared web site hosting and you only pay for what you use. As unlimited storage and bandwidth can get without actually paying for the storage and bandwidth you don’t use.

1 web site is about $10/m http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/pricing/calculator/?scenario=web

Course the only thing it doesn’t have is cpanel, but that is a good thing in my opinion.

Whats the issue with Hostgator?

Yes, you should probably just stick with HostGator. Any host offering “unlimited” space and transfer (or a huge amount) is what is known as an overseller. Servers don’t have an unlimited amount of resources to give. These kinds of companies appeal to those who are not willing to pay for quality and instead are willing to sacrifice quality for space and data transfer. Put enough of those types of customers on a server and you are asking for trouble.

What kind of problems are you having with HostGator? You don’t say. As you may know, HostGator was purchased a few months ago. Prior to being purchased, HostGator was about the only overseller out there that got overwhelmingly positive reviews. Since the acquisition, there have been some serious complaints aired on various webmaster boards. I don’t host with them so I don’t know what kinds of problems there may or may not be.

You will run into quality problems on most oversellers. Try reading some reviews of Go Daddy sometime. If “unlimited” this and that is important to you, you may be best staying where you are and waiting it out to see if whatever problems you may be having get fixed. Odds are you will only have similar troubles, if not even more trouble, if you move to another overseller.

Why are you willing to move out of Hostgator? If you do not have a reason then you should really stick with them.

With my three accounts, I have to recommend WebHostingBuzz … but I’ll let you check out their plans. Don’t forget to check the “specialized hosting” at the bottom of the page.



I advice you froghost.com it’s a division of HawkHost.com Inc.

Check out AwardSpace. For 5,50 EUR (which I believe is under $10) a month you get the features you’ve specified except cPanel… :slight_smile:

hostgator is best but if you wanna change than bluehost is the perfect alternative

Just don’t go for Godaddy. I’ve had some bad experiences with them before.

Both now have the same owner, EIG.