Some help with clarification please?

Hello guys,

I am new to this forum and wanted to ask some help for the best way/ fastest of achievement.
I am kind of a beginner still to programming but there is just too much and I just cannot decide what to choose and learn so it would be really nice if could get some guidance/clarification :slight_smile:

I want to learn full stack web dev (mixed with machine learning + expanding to making software maybe, as I want to be an entrepreneur and develop some great stuff! :D)

The problem is that i don’t know what should be the best to learn or better said where to start. I am doubting whether I should choose js with node.js or C# to use as a server side. Ofcourse I need to learn html & css as markup but that is what i am working on rn together with js. (i am taking this course as of now:
The thing is that from what I’ve read i can make ‘everything’ with javascript, like utilizing it as base for full stack + expanding into making an app and stuff like that. But on the other hand C# can build the same things(even more). What or you guyses opinion on the best one to learn for that purpose and where to start? Can you recommend me some frameworks that I should use too please?

On the other hand now… my second question :'D
I find ML really cool tho but I think I am way out of my league on this one… I mean I barely know math… like algebra is where my level is atm.(irritional functions) Thee simple reason for that is because of nothing having good teachers in middle school, from the last three years, I think I think I’ve gotten 6 months plus+ no math because of absence from the teachers side etc. It is no problem for me to learn it all on my own, but I feel like I need some guidance on where to begin and what is needed to be learned (I am now in my first year of university) The other problem is that I chosse a Business Administration degree instead of a CS which leaves me out of the fundamentals too. For machine learning, I have covered the basics a couple of months ago with a book that had coding snippets with each topic, but I am nowhere near the possibility to make something with Python. Can you guys suggest me some great books to learn math. I’d really appreciate it if someone could help me

btw: I am sorry for my writings, it’s 5 o’clock out here lol… but i just needed to get my mind clear because i am full of question where i cannot find clear answers for it on the web. any recommendations would be really helpful! And once again sorry for bombarding you guys which such a long post…

I know that it’s really just a matter of starting but I don’t really know where to start… books are good to tho I think books are even better to learn from (espically the basics), but are often out dated in my opinion
Thanks in advance!

You may get tons of advices in different directions. I think the fastest way is mainstream Node + React. Here is how I thought when searching for the right path in the jungle of options.


IMO These two things are mutually exclusive. You can do something the best way, or the fastest way, but not both at the same time. Too many things nowadays are fast-fast-fast, lacking any form of depth.

As for the language to learn, maybe have a look at the job offerings in your area and see where the best opportunities seem to be? Or just try working with several languages and see which one fits best with the way you think.

It sounds like for ML you’d need to do some more studying, a solid basis of math would really help a lot!


first of all thanks for the advice!

2nd Well no… I believe that you can have the best of both worlds. It just comes down on yourself. If you study efficien + keep going on with it(which is the difficult part). And I know that it is not going to be an overnight learning, but I mean if you already went trough it, why shouldn’t I ask how you experienced it, because what I am really doing now is just watching what course to buy instead of beginning.

But I do think that that comes down to the fact that my first learning experience with python was not the best I guess…

and yes that’s what I’ve already figured out, but what sources are good do you think? should i learn from khanacademy or buy books for maths

thanks for the advice and nice article though.

Do you mean fastest way to learn, or the best way to run a site haha. Because lots of people go this way node react, but maybe there are more stable ways who knows. Everything as its own advantages at the end of the day I guess , hence why it is difficult to make a design…

And about the article, Isn’t it true that you need to do way more yourself with those compiled languages then? Because they of them being low-level languages.

and the last one, for Debian, Is learning linux needed for it?
btw to be honest i have never heard about this stack, i will do a bit more research on it.

thanks in advance

edit: nice website *

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If you read between the lines, I also have difficulties to chose…

My limited experience of Angular (based on Node) is that Go is way simpler, smaller and faster. You have to think in another way, but basically it is about the same effort.

Using Webmin to manage Debian you do not need that much of Linux knowledge. But it does not hurt.

Go is very suitable for creating websites, but it is more than this. Both Docker and Kubernetes are written in Go, so the sky is the limit. Sort of.

Since this seems to be where YOUR interest is, then start here. Being a beginner, you are going to be “out of your league” in anything you start. First thing is stop the self defeating thoughts and just decide for yourself that this is what you are going to learn. Read up about it, find tutorials on it and stay focused. Over time you will get it.

And if at all possible see if you can find a way to learn with others. Either some study group, or a course, or something where you need to get your hands dirty and discuss with others.

I’ve never ridden a bike before I can read how to ride a bike all day long, that doesn’t mean that when I encounter a bike I will be able to ride it (I mostly likely won’t, I’ll probably topple offer, a lot).


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