I know this might be a bit of a private information for most companies,
but I was wondering where do you get your leads or do to generate some?

Do you extract leads from local directories?
Do you buy leads?
Do most of the leads come through ads?



I doubt if someone would like to share his key to success. But I should say that all the approaches are individual. Some ways to get leads which works for one business type, won’t work for yours and vice versa. First you should try the possible strategies and then choose the best for you.


Are you talking about web design leads in particular? For that I use a tool called Localizer Leads Tool. I actually made a video for my VA to go out and get me good web design and mobile website leads and then opened it to the public on youtube (see video below). Then depending on the situation I will email them or call them. Or both. Hope it helps.


The most important thing to get the best leads for our business in a short span of time will be depend upon our quality website. Whenever we take care about the each and every element in a particular website such as images, content, snapshots, video’s, community address then we have more chances to get good leads. An amazing website is provide an awesome personal experience to every visitor. Understanding your clients is an important part of being professional. Finally, You make sure about your business identity system and this reflects the kind of work you do.

Thanks for your response. A nice website is good, but if you don’t get enough traffic or the right type of traffic then it won’t help.

You are basically just playing a waiting game for people to come to your site and purchase your services. There should be a more aggressive way to get leads and acquire new customers such as cold calling, emailing etc… but who do you cold call or email?