Getting webmaster leads

I have been promoting my product which has webmaster interest, But finding good sources for webmaster leads has been a challenge. Does anyone know of some good sources to find webmaster leads. If you have a source you own, can you please send me a PM. I would prefer for this post to not turn into a link drop off.


Forums are a good way to gain leads, especially webmaster forums like this. Offering a free product helps too, using a mailing list to get potential leads/buyers

Thanks, how about any paid sources?

Jody - have you looked at any of the webmaster/designer directories that are out there?

Most that I’ve seen only thought to charge designers for advertising in their directories and never considered that people might actually want to market to the designers listed in their directory. I contacted a few directories years ago and none ever had an option to advertise to their members - but that may have changed and you might have luck finding someone today.

Other than that - places like SP here or other webmaster communities that offer a means to advertise to their members would be your best bet.

Facebook allows you to target people that have some very specific interests though, so you might be able to target people that have expressed an interest in design or like the page of a particular webmaster group.

Just a few thoughts - HTH!