What is lead and lead generation ? For what purpose we use it ? From where I will get answer with example ?

Lead generation is an extremely broad topic that essentially means finding people who are interested in what you your type of business [or your clients] offers such that you can turn them into a conversion.

For example, if I offer home loans and you have a site about buying a house you could have people who are ready to buy send in their information for me to contact. For this I might pay you a fee for each lead.

Or leads could be about you getting local businesses to come to you in order to find new clients [hopefully not as a marketing service].

Leads come in every flavor with many possible outcomes and are by no means limited to the web.

Lead Generation is the discipline of proactively creating, nurturing, and discovering interest among prospective buyers in solutions that are offered, so that a sales team can engage with those prospective buyers in a sales conversation. But,How to generate leads for online business ?

In online business, when a user contacts the websites owners and make queries regarding their products and services then it is considered as a lead. Lead generation would be the type of ways used to bring lead for the business.

Lead genration is actully a company getting inquiry for any services or products which website owner is willing to sell or provide.

There doesn’t have to be a sale involved. You can generate your own leads and many do.