How to create a lead-generating site

I’m a small consulting business for graduate students and I’m designing my own website. Since it’s completely web-based, the site has to generate leads based on direct traffic and PPC.

I’m familiar with SEO and my Google PR is good but I would like to know if there’s any sources out there for help in converting the visitors to leads by completing a contact request.

I’ve thought of demographic preferences and the such but I don’t even know where to start. I need ideas, inspiration, etc…Please help.

That’s speaking from experience and hello bluedreamer the mentor- my respect to you.

I too have experienced some setbacks even though had a membership site with lots of educational videos and audios for free signups. Initially was successful but then some of them tried various ways to hack into my site and tried to steal the videos.
My point I am trying to make here is that using free membership is one way of list building for your targeted niche.

Hope it helps.


Welcome to Sitepoint!

The first thing to remember that “lead generation” on the internet is a different kettle of fish to pre-web methods. In the old days a potential customer would often literally have no other option to find out about products/services if no other information was supplied, and would be forced to make contact with the supplier.

Nowadays the web is very much a “self service” environment, if you don’t offer useful and relevent information and try to force that “contact/lead” then customers will more often that not just find a site that does offer that information and you lose.

However, you can still successfully do business on the web but you will need to be very customer focussed, giving them the right information for them to make an informed decision whether or not to follow up with an enquiry.