Layout issue in IE

Hi. The test page is available here - It looks perfect for me in FF and Chrome, but in IE the text on the right side of the images drops below the image and I’m not sure why. Every other issue with browser compatibility I’ve been able to figure out on my own, but no matter what I do I can’t seem to fix this one.

I get a Page not Found error with that link.

Sorry. It’s

It looks fine in IE9 and IE8 to me. Are you seeing this problem in an outdated version of IE? (If so, I wouldn’t worry about it. They are broken browsers, and IE7 has about a 1% usage now.

I thought I had the newest version of IE to test in, but I must not. I’ll have to check and update. Thanks

I think if it works on other browsers, you need to try the newer version of IE.