Layout correction on browser

hello, please still a newbie, i designed a prototype website on safari, so i checked it out on firefox the homepage was not in line, and was same for other browser, is the correction going to be with css, (i guess so) or is there something else that i will use

“the homepage was not in line” is not a very helpful description of the problem. I can see any number of problems, but I’m not sure which one you’re trying to solve!

On the plus side, the basic HTML code looks pretty sound, there doesn’t appear to be too much wrong with it conceptually, although there are lots of validation errors (most of them because you haven’t escaped your ampersands. Any time you use & either in the text or in a hyperlink, you have to write it as &amp; so that the browser doesn’t think it’s a character entity reference), and there are a couple of places where you’ve closed tags in the wrong order, which is why some of the <h2>s aren’t displaying as <h2>s.

ok i will have a look around that and change it., thanks

guess what i did was funny , but changed my & to &, for both links and text, and i guess doesnt sound right,
<li><a href=“home&appliances.html”>Home&Appliances</a></li>
but i have corrected other things and it was validated, please the above mark sounds funny should it be
<li><a href=“home&appliances.html”>Home and Appliances</a></li>
and i leave the file name as home&appliances.html
site is a prototype

I would avoid having & in a filename altogether, it could lead to problems.
As to whether you want to style the text as ‘Home&Appliances’ or ‘Home and Appliances’, that’s up to you to decide on your own preferred format. Either is fine, as long as you are consistent throughout the site. (On a related note, why do some of the menu items not get capital letters?)

i will make corrections and get back to you as soon as i can, cheers

hello , ve done some correction, but i noticed on firefox my visited link(on the left hand side) turns black
, any help

You’ve got the line:

#bannercontainer a:link,a:visited{
background:#eee url(img/pr.jpg) 0 0 no-repeat;

in your CSS. I guess what you meant was
#bannercontainer a:link, #bannercontainer a:visited
When you put the comma in there, it starts again from scratch, so you have to put any parent selectors in again. As it is, it’s applying the big ‘reacheasy’ background image to all visited links.