Checked site in browsers and most mess up my site? newbie

Okay, so i’m about to launch my site when i check it other browsers first (safari, chrome, camino, opera, firefox). And all of them mess up my site except for safari and firefox. From different radius borders to, text being in wrong spot, and some borders rounded when others are not (in the same browser). How would i go about fixing this? I mean i fix it in my css file for, say, chrome will it then be screwed up in safari? -Thanks :confused:

Have you validated your html and css on the w3c validator?

If you have validation errors in either, that could be part of your problem. Also if you are using HTML5 / CSS3 in your code, they are both still in development and browser support for both in the major browsers varies greatly.

Welcome to the wonderful world of web design! It’s really essential to test your site as you go in as many browsers as possible to spot problems as they arise. It’s a nightmare to fix things when there are multiple problems built atop each other.

As webdev says, a good place to start is validation, but that won’t pick up ‘valid’ but unworkable page layout techniques. We can try to help you if you post a link, but if all else fails, I’d suggest setting up a test page where you strip the code down and build it up again step by step, testing in each browser as you go. If you haven’t tested in Internet Explorer yet, you’ve got even more pain to come. :frowning:

Thanks guys, i had forgotten to validate it:/ I was able to fix some issues. However when i validated my CSS file i was able to fix only some issues, but there is still like 25 of the same problems (almost) that i’m not sure what to do about.

It says it does not exist… huh. Why is it showing up in safari and firefox fine then? (I did say i was a newbie).

Okay never-mind, i figured it all out. Hopefully will go smoothly from here. Corse i have not checked IE yet.
Thanks again.

Those ‘wrrors’ were to do with CSS3 properties that are not recognized as part of CSS2. They are quite safe to use, though.