Laptop or desktop which one is better for work

Laptop or desktop which one is better for work now i am using laptop but i miss desktop i think for me desktop is better

This is a bit of an “it depends” question since it depends on how you work and the size of the screen (or screens) that you would prefer to use.

It mostly boils down to personal preference and what your work process is.

Laptop is better than desktop because you can’t move to your desktop PC one place to other place but laptop move to everywhere and share your proposal to client or your friends to anywhere.

Obviously, the answer will depend on your circumstances, what kind of work you do, whether you travel a lot, whether you take your work home with you, and several other factors.

That said, there’s one factor this is often overlooked in this discussion, but which is vitally important: ergonomics. Please don’t stop reading. This really is something you need to know about.

The point is that it is impossible to maintain good body posture when using a laptop. You will be hunched over the keyboard, and your neck will be extended by peering at the screen. If you just use the machine occasionally, this won’t be a problem. But if you use it for most of the day, every day, you risk serious health problems. If you don’t believe me, ask any physiotherapist.

If you must use a laptop for extended periods, for goodness sake hook it up to a full-size external monitor, keyboard and mouse. Arrange your workspace so that these are in the best ergonomic position, and configure the laptop so that you can close the lid when using it. Of course, doing this will reduce the convenience of being able to simply pick up the machine and take it with you when you leave the office. But that’s no consolation if you experience trapped nerves or repetitive strain injuries.


Laptop with an additional monitor and keyboard in office will be good enough…ultimately entire work will be done on laptop but for convenience you can use other peripherals…

That’s the way they do it in one of my client’s office. But they attach the laptop to a docking station, so they can still simply pick up the machine and take it with them. No reduction of convenience :wink:

10 or 12 years ago I was issued a Toshiba laptop with their docking station at a former job. Desktop power and ergonomics (external keyboard, mouse, large monitor), convenience, and portability. That was the only way to fly. :slight_smile:

I should have mentioned docking stations in my post. If you can get a docking station for your laptop, I agree that that’s an excellent solution (provided it doesn’t prevent you arranging the monitor and keyboard in the best ergonomic postion).

But keep in mind that there is no such thing as a standard docking station. Each model is designed for a particular make and model of laptop, and they are rarely interchangeable. That won’t be a problem if you are buying a new laptop. Just make sure you get one for which you know a docking station is available. But it might be more difficult if you want to use an existing machine.


I use both but for my daily use and comfort I prefer a tower. It is just a matter of being able to add more ram or another HHD or more power. Something that’s kind of limited in a laptop.

If you are always traveling then just use your laptop. But for me, I personally like to use a desktop because it tends to have more speed than a normal laptop. If you travel a lot, use the laptop, if not then go for your desktop. It’s up to you. God Bless.

Laptop is best for when your travelling

laptop ,of course

Maybe for you it is that obvious… for me, I prefer a tower or desktop. Different ways of working need different options.

It would be good if you explain why you think that a laptop is the obvious choice (for you), though

cause i can bring laptop to everywhere i want to ,but desktop its so difficult to move…

its depends on the condition…but in broad sense LAPTOP is the best one
if a person are always used to stay in home then he/she can go with DESKTOP
but in other condition like if one always used to roam in that situation LAPTOP is the best choice

I love my laptop, but I’m thinking of getting a desktop and switching between that and my laptop depending on where I want to work at any particular time. The only thing that is making me hesitate is the logistics of keeping all my work on both computers without the time-consuming process of transferring new files to the other machine on a daily basis, so that my current project is ready for me whether I sit in my home office with my desktop, or want to spend a few hours at Starbucks. Any suggestions? or is this too off-topic for this thread?

I’d say it’s very ontopic, because it’s a thing to consider in the laptop-desktop discussion. A solution could be external storage (external HD, USB key) or cloud storage (of course you’ll need internet access for that one).

Definitely laptop is better for work.It is portable and anywhere we can move it that’s why it makes work easy.It has also rechargeable battery so that we can use it 4/5 hours without electricity.So above all Laptop is best.

I feel laptop is better because it is portable and we can use it anywhere. Desktop it needs power always and not portable…

Definitely a laptop…it adds that mobility factor into it…