Different Colour Tones!

I am using a specific HTML colour tone (#293c73) in a number of areas. However, in the footer the colour tone appears lighter even though I am using the same html colour number in the CSS.

I can not understand why the colour tones appear differently even though I am using the same colour number.

I have checked several times and it is the same colour number. I have also compared the two areas of the screen next to one another which clearly shows to different colour tones.

Can anyone advise what this maybe down to?

According to my opinion it must be your monitor, I had the same situation, you should not take more care!

I’d say it’s definitely your monitor.

I use a 20" iMac and it’s extremely noticeable how much lighter the colors are at the bottom of the screen. I assume if you take a screenshot and look at it in photoshop, you will get the same issue.

So it has nothing to do with the color value you set in css.

Hi I have tried it on different monitors and copy and pasted the screen into Paint and compared the two areas right next to each other and they do appear different.

I cant get my head around it because Ive never seen it like it before.

It could be an optical illusion, have you tried setting the whole body in a blank document to that color and see if it appears to change further down? I would be tempted to suggest that perhaps it might be your monitor that’s the cause of the problem because there’s no case I’ve ever heard of that would cause the rendering to appear different between browsers or within the page itself. Does a color picker tool show them as the same color or do they appear as different shades? :slight_smile: