Laptop Battery Care Tips for Long-Lasting And Durable

Battery care tips laptop / notebook / netbook for durable and long lasting or age longer. Each Battery has a life that has been determined based on the number of cycles charge done. except that the temperature and the way care is also the age of the laptop battery. Here’s how to care for long-lasting laptop batteries in the use and capacity of the battery is not easily reduced.

How to care for laptop batteries are:

  1. Perfom a full charge on battery laptop and let you just a few hours after fully charged.
  2. Replace the battery after a full charge (Fully charged 100%), batteries need not be removed if the temperature of the CPU and Hard Disk (HDD) ranges from 40°C to 50°C. Although the charge is full, the incoming electrical energy will not charge the battery, because the battery technology is now able to stop charging if it is full, so no need to fear the battery will be worn out due to over-charged that causes over-heat on the battery.
  3. Remove the battery and use a UPS (Uninteruptible Power Supply) to avoid a sudden disconnection of electric current. If the excessive use of laptops (Such as playing games that require maximum energy) and in the long term that makes the CPU and HDD temperatures above 60°C. Excessive heat in the other device can be spread to the battery, thus affecting the battery and at the end of battery life will be short because of reduced storage capacity. In such a condition is highly recommended to use additional cooling to protech the hardware from overheating. But, if the UPS is not available should the battery need not be removed, to avoid damage to other devices such as hard disk, motherboard, RAM, etc., due to a sudden power-down and unstable flow.
  4. If the battery is not used save battery at cold temperatures and dry. Before removing the battery, fully charge the battery first, and do not be silenced for too long.
  5. Fully charge the battery, and recharge when the battery capacity is approacing 10%.
  6. Use Battery Care also, Software to control your notebook battery, but it can also be used to check the CPU and HDD temperature. (Download Here).

Perform calibration of your laptop battery if storage capacity is depleted. this happens because of the influence of battery memory. The trick with a full evacuation is used until the battery runs out then leave it for a while and recharge to full, with this battery is expected to return to reasonable conditions in saving power.

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You should not store (for long periods) a laptop battery under full charge, run it down to about 60% or 40% before storing.

Unless you are charging spent batteries, you have to accomplish abiding to unplug your laptop computer charger from your bank socket,or from any electrical outlet it is connected to when you turn off your laptop. Try not to expose your laptop to extreme conditions like a being in a really chilly room one moment and a warm area immediately after.