Any reputable site to buy laptop battery in USA?

I need a laptop battery ulgently!! I got a battery with 2 years and it failed about several days ago. I want to carry a laptop around all day, using it most of the day, which means that i need a “super” battery with longer run time.

Replacement batteries are pretty expensive across the board but where is the most reputable site to buy from? My friend have recommend me a website <snip> , it seems perfect due to the reasonale price and longer warranty(60 days money back, 2 years warranty) at first glance. However, it is a shop located on China and i don’t want to get screwed with some crappy Chinese knock off battery that doesn’t hold a charge for longer than one hour or less. I can’t be rest assured to buy something there. Anyother advice to buy such batteries on a reputable shop based on USA?

All the advices will be welcome here.

try ebay amazon craigslist or any local store…u may find cheaper deal

I’ve always found what I needed on Amazon…and for a great price too!

Also try on wallmart

Why not just try dell? They’re usually pretty good

Hello members,
My name is Alexander Tyler. The best place is Amazon site to buy laptop battery in USA. the other options are local business directory websites and serach engines.


Hey there I would say buy from Amazon or Ebay.

As the thread has become repetitive, and the OP hasn’t returned, I’m closing it now.