Keyword stuffing?


I am starting to work on new site which is Australian based and related to the cleaning services.

My question arises that the client is expecting some of his main keyword should rank in at least till 5 SERP’s and as you know SEO cannot give instant result.

So I am looking to stuff keyword 3 times in Title, increasing the keyword density on page. Once his keywords will reach their positions then I will gradually remove some keywords.

Need your suggestions for this.

Keyword stuffing is not good Google cant search on the basis of keywords but it search keyword occurrence in the page. A meaningful unique is very important. and always make your website updated.

Overloading of keywords on your webpage is called the keyword stuffing, this is not good for your site, so avoid this technique.

Sorry, but do you really think Google is stupid enough to fall for a trick like that? Whatever you can think of to try to fool Google into giving you an improved SERP has been tried millions of times before by other people, and it won’t work. You need to make sure your client has realistic expectations of what you can achieve for him, understanding that proper SEO can take a long time to have effect, and there is no guarantee of success. If he thinks you can magic him onto the front page in no time flat, especially if his site doesn’t deserve to be there, then he’s not going to be a good client to work for.

keyword stuff is not so good according to google. We must be more careful while using more keywords.

It is a bad approach. All you can do for quick results is to publish some quality content on quality websites i.e. guest posting.
Create back-links on those relevant websites which have better crawling rate. The more early your links will be crawled the better and faster will be the SERPS results.

You can include the keyword in the link, in the meta title and in the meta description. Write something that makes sense and avoid keyword stuffing. If you just put different keywords together, it might be seen as spammy by search engines. Google says it here.

I agree with Stevie fully on this. There’s definitely no way you can rank highly on Google by stuffing keywords. In fact, you may end up hurting your client’s website rather than improving it, and I don’t think you will want to end up in that situation.

If your client is expecting instant results for SEO, he clearly needs some education on what SEO really is about. This is a good article I read sometime ago with regards to SEO education, which may be useful for you, and perhaps your client:

Its really a bad idea. Do not repeat the keywords more than once, and try to avoid individual word repetitions also. But you can use the keywords in the first half of title, and at the beginning of first paragraph, this is called keyword prominence. Also you can use the keywords in the URL (Not applicable for home page). Image alt, h1 and h2. Do not stuff keywords, its really bad.

keywords stuffing is not a good technique for better search engine ranking. Search engine may penalize your website. Remove keywords at first then start optimization. Otherwise your site may get negative effect.

Keyword stuffing had been used in the past to obtain maximum search engine ranking and visibility for particular phrases. This method is completely outdated and adds no value to rankings today. In particular, Google no longer gives good rankings to pages employing this technique.

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