What is keyword stuffing in seo?

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Keyword stuffing is when someone attempts to manipulate their position in the search results by concentrating relevant keywords. Search engines can tell when keywords are abnormally distributed throughout the text or in a website’s meta tags. If the same keywords follow one another too closely, the search engine will downgrade the website and it will then appear lower down in search results.

From www.searchmetrics.com/glossary/keyword-stuffing/

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Keywork stuffing is an unethical practice to rank the page higher in SERPS. It is all about stuffing your content with every relevant keyword. But I guess this one doesn’t work anymore this days.

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Keyword stuffing is the process of adding keywords in contents. According to the guidelines keyword stuffing should not be more then 2 to 3 keywords.

No, it’s not.

Keyword stuffing is specifically the “technique” of seriously overusing keywords - “stuffing” the page with them - to try to manipulate search engine rankings.

Keyword Stuffing is using your targeted keyword too many time. Your Keyword density should less than 2.5%. Using keyword more than 2.5% in content is called keyword stuffing. If you do that, Google will penalize your site.

Do you have an authoritative source for that figure of 2.5%? I see no mention of an actual percentage in Google’s guidelines. That doesn’t surprise me, as what would be natural may vary between sites and types of pages, so each page should be judged on its own merits.

When I take the time to actually think about it. I often wonder if I should replace “it” with something more exact. eg.

When I take the time to actually think about the appropriate use of the word “it”.

I know what I’m referring to by the “it” and I don’t usually consider that others might not know. But then if I replace every instance of the use, it can make reading feel overly verbose and redundant.

I’m not a language major, so I rely on my “feelings”, for what they’re worth. If it feels “clunky” I rewrite the copy.

Keyword stuffing is kind of black hat seo, buy this way keywords are being store in website in a hidden way this is known as keyword stuffing. But search engine’s bot can understand now so doing it means get ban. It was works before and people used this method because of ranking a site in search engine.

If you put more than 3% keywords in your article and then it is called keyword stuffing. You have to keep your keyword ratio below 3%.
But if your keywords look natural in your post then you can use more keywords.
Keep in mind you write articles for your visiters so keep your articles as natural as possible and don’s stuff so many keywords in it. Google see user experience when ranking any page. So you have to keep your article keword stuffing free and natural.
There are many SEO plugins in wordpress to check keyword density.

When someone try to over optimize focus keywords in their content either it is for own website or external website which called as Keyword stuffing. This technique consider as a black hat SEO and Search engine instantly banned your website if you use this technique.

Basically, it is manipulating the keywords in an unethical way to get a higher rank in Google. It has a bad impact on the site.