Keyword limits

Ok how can i figure out how many keywords per page should i have in order to get optimal optimization on the page without tripping spam sensors over at google, bing etc?

I think it’s better for you to use 3 - 5 keyword in 1 page.

No, there is no exact number.

Why don’t you start with 1 keyword per page and then keep adding them until:

a) You reach “optimal optimisation” on the page


b) You trip spam sensors over at google & bing

Then come back here and posts the results you discovered for all at SP to read…

not too much, imo,2-4 is enough.

its a percentage not an exact number, 3 to 5 % but it can look to spammy. Just write for your visitors and see what happens.

Why not look at what the top ten sites in your niche are doing?


There is no hard and fast rule about keyword limits but most of the webmasters prefer to 3-5 keywords per page.

yes,i think there is no rule of thumb
but i usually do 1-5 with h1 for major keyword…


4 or 5 keywords sufficent but different keywords used for different page not should be same for all pages.

Depends what you are going for, but 3-5 keywords seems to work the best for each page. SEO is also greatly helped by how many links you have to your page and the quality of those links.

is there any specific number?

How many you should be targeting each page? If so I would go for 3 - 5 as any more is going to be to hard to manage.

The proper amount of your page depends on the actual length of your site. 2.5% - 5% is a good rule of thumb.

If you are really thinking of trying SEO,keep one thing in your mind there is nothing called “Specific” in SEO…
May be 90% of them are guess…no body knows the google or bing algorithm…:smiley: (offcourse other than themselves)…

similarly i have not seen any official statement saying there should be x keywords in page…even for yahoo SE

No, there isn’t. The more you try to manipulate your content so that it fits some arbitrary pattern for number and frequency of certain words, the more it will look like robot-generated spam - and that will put people off from reading it. If it was possible to engineer a top ranking in Google simply by using the same word ten times on a page then Google searches would be utterly meaningless. Google places the utmost priority on the integrity of its rankings - you aren’t going to be able to subvert them that easily.

Just write naturally, let the words flow in a way that is good to read, and you will have the right balance.

Try to stay somewhere under 3% keyword density, that will be great.

i would say this % game is always dangerous…

in 600 words articles and other 400 words info (ie 1000 words) ,3% means 30 …so 30 same keyword in a page may give wrong signal to SE…even more if placement is not managed properly…

I use only 3 major keywords and 5-7 minor keywords per page. Just avoid repeating similar key phrase and you will not for sure abuse your keywords (ex: Online Shopping, Cheap Online Shopping). Anyway, keywords nowadays has small value in SEO.