Keeping big dent in car

Anybody been putting off fixing your car’s body work, 'cause you need to pay off your credit cards or student loan first?

My car got dinged up about 4 months back, and I still have not committed to getting it fixed.

The main thing is I need to put more hours in playing at work. It all comes down to improving my enjoyment at work using gameful design of my daily checklist. Can anyone relate?

The car apparently works, if I understand correctly, so fixing the dent isn’t necessary at all. I think the most economically sound would be to keep it, the cost fixing it is likely more than you loose when it’s time to sell the car. If you don’t have a good insurance that is. :wink:

I could even by a car with dents (I actually once have; a quite new with dents and scratches all over with the dealer cutting nearly 50% off the price).

One thing you’ll gain by keeping dents is that other drivers will give you more space to maneuver your car. Very useful in rush hours. :smile:

I don’t even know that that means…just get it done and you won’t have to worry about it lol

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